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Why a MiFi?

Most iPhones and Android phones already have a personal hotspot. So why would you buy a MiFi? 

1. Improve your internet connection

The quality of your mobile internet connection can vary drastically. Using a MiFi can mean the difference between no connection or a connection. How is that possible?
  1. The maximum speed of your internet connection depends on how well you can receive radio waves. All phones are fitted with an antenna to receive these waves, but the one in your smartphone is less sensitive than the antenna of the MiFi. A better antenna means better reception.
  2. You can move the MiFi around to improve your signal quality. Put it on a windowsill in your office. Now you have a Wi-Fi network that has a range of 10 metres (30 feet) with the best possible data signal.



You have an expensive data-subscription for broadband internet, but inside your building the promised HDSPA remains merely that. In our office in Amersfoort (NL) we had a big problem with the WebNWalk from T-Mobile; no HDSPA, only GRPS. We put the MiFi on the edge of the upper window in the hope of improving our signal. Then the miracle occured. The LED started to blink violet, indicating the much longed for HDPSA. A few metres from our workstations the reception was excellent.  In another slightly different case, a customer had no internet near a castle in Baarn (NL).  Using the MiFi ensured he had always GRPS connection, sometimes even better.

2. Cheap internet during holidays or business trips

Not all network providers allow you to make voice calls and use the internet with SIM cards from other companies, using a SIM lock to prevent these actions. The MiFi has no SIM lock: it accepts all cards with HSUPA/HSDPA - 900/1900/2100 MHz & Quad-band GPRS/EDGE - 850/900/1800/1900 MHz ! Now you are free from expensive roaming fees when you're on holiday or a business trip abroad. Just buy an internet only SIM card with preloaded MBs and your MiFi will allow you to share the internet connection at local rates.

One of our customers is the CEO of a company which has branches in Belgium and Germany, so he is required to regularly spend time in the two countries. MiFi makes his life easier by allowing him to store up to five different provider profiles. He simply bought a "Pay&Surf" prepaid internet SIM card in a Proximus shop in Belgium and a Websessions card from Vodafone in Germany and now pops the appropiate SIM card into the MiFi every time he travels to Belgium or Germany.

3. No battery drain

A phone with a personal or portable Hotspot or any form of tethering will drain your battery. With the MiFi you have at least 4 hours of dedicated internet use without draining the battery of your phone. With our own external batteries such as "MiFi Lunchbox" and "The MiFi Tank" you get between 6 and 24 hrs of dedicated internet access.

Browsing the internet on your mobile phone can consume hours of your time as well as your battery life. You can expect to get about 2-3 hours of total battery life when using the personal
hotspot feature. After that, your phone will be completely dead. The MiFi leaves your phone battery alone , providing you with up to 4 hours of internet access.

4. Disconnect when idle

Do you browse the internet when you don't require your internet connection for a few minutes or longer, for example when you are reading content on a website? The MiFi allows you to disconnect automatically when idle, something most smartphones won't let you do.
You've downloaded some magazines from Zinio. You start to read and forget that you are online.  MiFi will help. It disconnects after 10 minutes or allows you to choose another preset option.

5. A photographer's dream

The MiFi is a dream for press photographers. It enables you to take pictures and send them at once to your paper, magazine or TV station. Use a wireless card as the EyE-Fi for this: it transmits the photo from the camera through the network connection set up by the MiFi. Check out our demo


Mifi & Eye Fi

With an iPad it becomes even more fun. Use your iPad as monitor with the ShutterSnitch (available via theApp Store). See your photos appear in realtime and send them to any place or person worldwide.

6. Full DNLA Support

DLNA support means your mobile hotspot can share music, video and other content with devices over the network. Your MiFi has an integrated high-capacity microSDHC slot. This provides an expandable storage capacity of up to 32GB, allowing access from all connected devices over Wi-Fi.
The iPad has mediocre file management. Overcome this problem with a MiFi. Put your files on the micro-SDHC card, open Safari and type the URL of the MiFi. With applications like Goodreader or AirPlay (available via the App Store), you can read virtually any filetype on your iPad. It's great for streaming movies too. Save yourself money and settle for an iPad with 16GB, sotring the rest of your files on your MiFi.

With the MiFi DLNA Server, you get a front row seat.

The MiFi Intelligent Mobile Hotspot enables you to access and play your movies, music and photos anywhere, anytime, on any DLNA-capable device. The MiFi DLNA Server connects your devices to provide easy, instant-on access to your media. There's no complicated configuration required.

Using your MiFi device you can:

Stream movies and music to DLNA-capable devices. Computers, DVD and Blu-ray players, game consoles, mobile devices, audio video systems, digital frames, home theater devices, televisions, tablets and more.

Watch with ease. No need to copy, move, and synch your media files on multiple devices.

Watch content on multiple screens. Watch different movies on different devices at the same time.

Browse and share images with friends and family. Stream photos from your microSDHCTM card inserted in the MiFi device to DLNA enabled media players.

Listen to music on multiple devices. Stream music to multiple audio devices at the same time.

Enjoy your media wherever you are on the devices you choose.

• Enable devices on the network to find media on your microSDHC card inserted into the MiFi device.

• Browse your content, sorted in various ways.

• Stream movies, music and photos to DLNA–capable devices in real time.


  • Connects up to five Wi-Fi enabled devices simultaneously
  • Computers, PDAs, cameras, music players, personal and game players and more
  • MiFi OS™ , a browser based web user interface, capable of hosting advanced software applications and widgets 
  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery
  • GPS-enabled
  • Advanced internal antenna system
  • NovaSpeed® capable
  • Auto-install and auto-connectivity
  • 10m (30ft) range of network coverage
  • Wireless and secure internet connectivity from virtually anywhere
  • Portable and convenient - smaller than a deck of cards
  • Great for travel - family, friends and colleagues can connect
  • Perfect for the mobile professional – creates a virtual office wherever you go for you and your co-workers
  • Easy installation with MobiLink™ Connection Manager- no CD required
  • Enhanced performance and fewer connectivity interruptions with NovaSpeed®
  • Lasts up to 4 hours on a single charge so you can be anywhere and have connectivity (when connected to one Wi-Fi device)
  • Download the FULL SPECS (PDF, 186 Kb, opens in new window)

Fun for Five

Everyone can use their devices at the same time: a notebook, netbook, portable gaming console, camera or music player. MiFi supports up to five devices.

College Students

Working off-campus is fun with the MiFi. Students can meet even if there is no Wi-Fi hotspot available and dump their files on the Micro SD card, to share their work.